What is Selective Mutism?

Selective mutism is a specific type of anxiety disorder where children do not initiate communication or respond to others attempts at communication despite speaking in other situations. Children with selective mutism often fail to speak in school resulting in academic difficulties. Given the communication concerns, children with selective mutism may also cause social impairment as they may refuse to interact with other peers.

What will treatment look like?

At the beginning of therapy, a thorough assessment will be completed to determine communication difficulties and history of the concerns. After a comprehensive assessment, the therapy will focus on building rapport with your child.

Once rapport has been established, a collaborative plan will be developed. Every child is different and therefore an individualized treatment plan is needed to incorporate your child’s needs, as well as to provide support in the home, school, and community. Once in therapy, behavioral strategies will be used to help your child become more comfortable speaking and to reinforce successful speaking experiences.

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