Who should get psychoeducational testing?

Psychoeducational assessments are often initiated due to parents’ or teachers’ concerns about a child’s learning in school. Any school-aged child may benefit from a psychoeducational evaluation in order to help the child, the family, and the teacher understand what may be contributing to any school difficulties.

Why should your child get psychoeducational testing?

The goal of a psychoeducational assessment is to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, both cognitively and academically. Once these areas are appropriately identified, appropriate interventions and additional supports are recommended to help your child succeed in school.

What to expect from psychoeducational testing?

The testing sessions will include standardized intellectual assessment to assess cognitive abilities and a standardized achievement assessment to assess each academic area.

Additional assessments can be added to further assess other cognitive areas such as memory, processing speed, or fine motor skills. After testing is completed, the psychologist will compile the results into a report and review the results and provide recommendations in a feedback session.

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Signs of a Reading Disorder or Dyslexia
- difficulty sounding out words
- trouble with reading comprehension
- difficulty reading quickly
Signs of a Writing Disorder or Dysgraphia
- difficulty writing quality sentences
- difficulty spelling words
- slow writing
Signs of a Mathematics Disorder or Dyscalculia
- trouble completing math facts
- difficulty applying math to solve word problems
- difficulty solving math problems quickly

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