Who should get gifted testing?

Parents often seek out private testing when they believe their child’s cognitive and/or academic skills are very advanced. Parents may feel that the school system has not yet adequately addressed their child’s unique abilities and would like to better understand how they can capitalize on their student’s strengths.

Why should your child get tested for gifted?

Should your child place within the gifted range, specific recommendations will be provided in a comprehensive report that includes the appropriate educational placement for your child and other programs that may enrich your child’s learning.

At times, gifted testing may also be beneficial to see if your child qualifies for enrollment in certain private school programs. The psychologist can then collaboratively work with the school district to develop an appropriate educational plan for your child.

What to expect from gifted testing?

Gifted testing is usually completed in two sessions. The first session is a standardized intelligence test in order to assess your child’s cognitive abilities. The second session is a standardized achievement test in order to assess your child’s academic skills.

Your child’s performance will then be compared to other children of the same age level. After testing, a comprehensive report will be provided that interprets your child’s performance and provides detailed recommendations.

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Are you interested in gifted testing for your child?