Who should get developmental testing?

A comprehensive developmental assessment is usually initiated due to a parent’s or a doctor’s concerns related to the child’s development. The parent or doctor may feel that the child is not developing at the same rate as other peers. They may feel that the child is delayed in meeting certain milestones such as sitting up, walking, saying their first word, speaking in phrases, or following directions.

The Ages and Stages questionnaire may be helpful to complete. Remember that this is only a screener and not a diagnostic tool. EXPLORE

Why should your child get a developmental evaluation?

A developmental assessment can compare your child’s current skills in all developmental areas to other peers of the same age. The results are used to determine whether early intervention services are needed. The sooner a diagnosis of a developmental delay is given, the quicker earlier intervention services can begin!

What to expect from developmental testing?

Developmental testing is typically completed in one session. During this session, you will accompany your child to the testing environment. Through parent interview, observation, and direct interaction with your child, the psychologist will assess your child’s development.

The results will then be compared to other children of the same age to determine if there are any developmental delays. Following testing, a comprehensive evaluation will be provided that discusses your child’s development as well as any therapy services that may be warranted such as: speech therapy, physical therapy, and/or occupational therapy.

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