Parenting Tips: Ways to Increase Your Child’s Compliance

One of the most common complaints from parents is that their child refuses to follow their directions. When a child is defiant, it can cause power struggles in the family that can cause problems [...]


Relaxation Tips for Kids: Deep Breathing

Deep breathing goes by lots of names: abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing as it may be known to some younger children. It is a common technique recommended by most [...]


Helping Children Cope Through Divorce

During and after divorce, children can feel many different emotions. Some children experience anger. Other children may feel hurt or worried. There are also children who may feel that the divorce [...]


Parenting Tips for Difficult Behavior: Positive Reinforcement

What is positive reinforcement? Positive reinforcement is a technique that helps to encourage good behavior from your child. When your child behaves in a certain way, the consequences you give [...]


Is Your Child Still Wetting the Bed at Night?

Nocturnal Enuresis, or urinating into bed or clothing when asleep, is relatively common condition. At what point is it no longer appropriate to still nighttime accidents? At the age of 5, [...]


How to Handle Your Child’s Misbehavior

Ignoring, when discussed in parenting, does not mean ignoring your child but rather, ignoring your child’s misbehavior. Many psychologists use the term Planned Ignoring or Strategic Ignoring to [...]


A Proven Technique to Help Your Child Relax

Anxiety is a normal reaction to certain life events. At times, anxiety can be helpful. But other times, anxiety can start to interfere and to negatively impact a person’s daily functioning. As a [...]


Tips for Parents on How to Help Their Anxious Child

What are anxiety disorders? The feeling of anxiety, nervousness, or worry is a natural, normal, and healthy emotion that everyone experiences occasionally. It generally occurs when a person is [...]


Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Red Flags for Autism Spectrum Disorders As a parent, it is important to understand the warning signs related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Being aware of the red flags for Autism Spectrum [...]


Evaluations for Developmental Delays: What to Expect and Why They Are Important

Your child is 18 months old and isn’t walking. He still crawls around the house and has difficulties pulling himself up from a sitting position. Your child only has a few words and rarely uses [...]

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