Building Foundations for Young Minds

We serve Jacksonville, St. Augustine and all of Northeast Florida.


Foundations Pediatrics offers a wide range of services from testing and therapy to consultations and professional training.



Therapy can help children and their families cope with many difficulties including moodiness, irritability, anxiety, inattention, and stress. The family, child, and therapist will work collaboratively to determine appropriate goals to improve your child’s quality of life.



Testing can help determine your child’s current functioning and can help to clarify any difficulties your child may be experiencing. Formal testing should be considered when your child may appear to have social, behavioral, developmental, or learning concerns.



School can be a challenging environment for many children. School consultations assist with observing your child in the school environment, helping with classroom accommodations, and advocating for an individualized education program (IEP) or 504 Plan.

We Offer Online Therapy for Children in Florida


Life too busy? Difficulties with transportation? With online telepsychology, there’s no need to travel to your child’s appointment.


Online therapy with Foundations Pediatrics is simple to use and you can login from anywhere —  your desktop, smartphone, or tablet!


There have been significant amounts of research studies showing the effectiveness of completing therapy sessions in online formats.


Foundations Pediatrics Assessment and Treatment Center uses secure HIPAA-based platforms for all digital services.


  • "Dr. Jill is approachable and listens to our concerns as parents. She has fostered a relationship with our daughter's school so that what our daughter is learning at therapy extends to all aspects of her life. Her approach is compassionate, realistic and effective. The changes we have seen in our daughter both socially and behaviorally are truly amazing!"

  • "Dr. Jill has been extremely helpful to our son and to our entire family. She is personable, friendly, collaborative, and always willing to go above and beyond to help us! We are so thankful we found her!"

  • "Dr. Jill changed Jack and our family's lives in so many ways! She is a gift and a blessing to so many!"

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